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About the course

In this course, we will learn about how the inspiration or need for travel is generated in different types of travellers and gradually follow their journey through the planning stage, booking stage and onwards to the plane and their return home. At each step, we’ll look at what systems are airlines using to influence decisions, highlighting best practices and using real-life examples from over 20 different airlines.

  • 6 modules covering every step of a traveller’s lifecycle

  • 40+ lessons featuring interviews with leaders and practitioners

  • Real-life examples from 20+ world-class airlines

  • Test your knowledge with interactive quizzes and earn a certificate

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome module
  • 2
    Module 1: Introduction - what makes airline marketing different
    • Let's understand what makes airline marketing different
    • An outdoor industry operating at extreme speeds
    • Expectations and ghosts from the glorious past
    • The basics of 6X Airline Branding Model
    • You've now completed the first module!
  • 3
    Module 2: Dream stage
    • Welcome to the Dream Stage
    • Understanding the motivations behind travel
    • Leisure and fun
    • Longing to be with a loved one or in a place we miss
    • Business travellers
    • The first spark - how airlines make people want to travel
    • Traditional online destination marketing
    • Using social media and advertisements
    • DEEP DIVE: Vueling's fun-focused approach to destination marketing
    • Creating relationships between the local environment and the destination
    • Using emotions as motivators for travel
    • INTERVIEW: behind the scenes of #WestJetChristmas with StudioM's Mike Mills
    • DEEP DIVE: Influencer marketing with industry veteran Dirk Singer
    • Working with partners and reducing costs
    • You've now completed the Dream stage
  • 4
    Module 3: Planning stage
    • Welcome to the Planning stage
    • Why airline brands matter and how they influence travel
    • Price focused brands
    • Quality focused brands
    • Kind brands
    • Secondary dreaming or how to sell additional legs to the same customer
    • DEEP DIVE: Iceland Air's story
    • You've now completed the Planning stage
  • 5
    Module 4: Booking stage
    • Welcome to the Booking stage
    • What each passenger type cares for
    • How LCCs are attracting business travellers
    • DEEP DIVE: Volaris' revolutionary approach to sales
    • Price communication: preventing misunderstandings in the sales process
    • Handing over the customer from Marketing/Sales to Operations
    • The importance of CRMs
    • Why contact details will make a difference in disruption management
    • Ancillaries
    • Using auctions
    • You've now completed the booking stage
  • 6
    Module 5: Travel stage
    • Welcome to the Travel stage
    • How to be present after the ticket has been sold
    • Keeping people updated and in-touch
    • Where are your brand and your staff at the airport?
    • The importance of monitoring systems
    • How airports make money and why it matters to airlines
    • Improving the airport experience
    • In-flight customer service
    • Connected flight crews
    • Coordinating the work of communication teams, operations and crews
    • Engaging passengers on the flight
    • Keeping the airline’s brand present while at the destination
    • When things go wrong: a brief overview of airline crisis communication
    • Congratulations on completing the travel stage
  • 7
    Module 6: Back home
    • Welcome to the final stage
    • Basic customer service tips
    • Encouraging the sharing of positive experiences
    • Gathering and using passenger-generated content
    • Re-starting the cycle
    • Congratulations on completing the final module!

Some of the featured airline case studies

  • Luftansa marketing
  • Southwest airlines marketing
  • Volaris marketing
  • Ryanair marketing
  • Air China marketing
  • Air New Zealand marketing
  • WestJet marketing
  • Cebu Pacific marketing
  • All Nippon Airways marketing

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